Free Breakfast Taco at Taco Cabana Tomorrow?Last week, Taco Cabana offered its Facebook fans a free breakfast taco on Sunday morning, provided that the Texas Rangers won their game against the Yankees. However, the Rangers decided to get all lawyery and told Taco Cabana they can no longer tie the Rangers win to a giveaway. So here’s what Taco Cabana said this morning:

“So, we have a NEW offer for you that has nothing to do with the Texas Rangers® or Major League Baseball® or the outcome of the Rangers game (Please see above disclaimer and notice). If at around 10:30 tonight you believe you are in a much better mood than say, the residents of NY, watch for a post on our fan page. If we post a password, make a note of it, drop by any Texas Taco Cabana from 7-10am tomorrow and get a FREE bacon & egg taco from Taco Cabana (limit one per person).”

You can find Taco Cabana’s Facebook page – where they may post a password – right here. And on a completely unrelated note, the Rangers play the Yankees tonight at 7 p.m.