Free Beauty Products at MayfestWhen you go to Mayfest this week (May 5-8), don’t forget to look for Garnier’s Cleaner Greener tour bus. Garnier is kicking off a packaging collection and recycling program with TerraCycle called the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade. Mayfest attendees can bring any and all hair care, skin care and cosmetic packaging to the tour vehicle to be recycled by TerraCycle; when they do, they’ll receive free samples of Pure Clean, a new biodegradable hair care line.

Can’t make it to Mayfest? You can still get involved by visiting the Terracycle website and sending them your personal-care waste products, like shampoo bottles. Terracycle pays the shipping, and as a bonus, they’ll send 2 cents to the charity of your choice for every unit of waste you send.