Aztec Dancers at Traders Village Fiestas Patrias

Fiestas Patrias at Traders Village Dallas | Aztec Dancers at Traders Village Dallas

Mark your calendars! Fiestas Patrias at Traders Village Dallas is coming soon!

Traders Village celebrates Fiestas Patrias with its 2nd annual Kumbia Fest, Sunday, September 18th! Enjoy great, live music all day from these amazing bands: Proyecto Kumbia, Los Gran Reyes, Sol De La Cumbia, Mariachi Michoacan, and El Grito by the Mexican Consulate. Then, be mesmerized by the colorful performances of the Aztec dancers.

Fiestas Patrias at Traders Village Dallas – 2nd Annual Kumbia Fest

Fiestas Patrias at Traders Village 2022

Kumbia Fest is a FREE family event where you can enjoy live music, DFW Grito, Mariachi Band, and Aztec dancers! Kids can always enjoy 12 amusement park rides all day for only $13.99. Plus, there will be over 3,500 vendors to shop from!

Admission is free, and it only costs $5 to park. Come early, Stay all day, and enjoy the festivities!

About Traders Village – Grand Prairie

Traders Village in Grand Prairie is your destination for Family Fun in the Dallas Fort Worth area! There’s shopping, rides, food, and plenty of entertainment events throughout the year.

Shopping at Traders Village in Grand Prairie – America’s #1 Flea Market

Traders Village in Grand Prairie, Texas first opened its doors in 1973 and has since expanded to include a total area of 120 acres. On any given weekend, the market is home to more than 3,500 different vendors. Each year, more than three million people visit this outdoor paradise for shoppers and merchants to look about, make purchases, and do business.

It is the largest weekend flea market in Texas, and you can get just about anything there, including tires and tools, Army surplus and electronics, comics and trading cards, crafts and collectibles, silk plants and flowers, truck accessories, jewelry, furniture, apparel, and more! Therefore, come for the bargains and stay for the good times!

Check out the Traders Village Shopping Page for the latest! 

Amusement Park at Traders Village in Grand Prairie – Rides, Games & More!

Prairie Playland at Traders Village, Grand Prairie is now a must-visit amusement park destination. Amusement park attractions at Traders Village include everything from those designed just for children to those that the whole family can enjoy together, so there is something for everyone.

There is the Yoyo, which swings back and forth, the Pharaoh’s Fury roller coaster, the Vortex, which is a gigantic looping coaster, and the Fleafall, which is a 128-foot vertical drop at speeds of over 45 mph. And opening soon, The Prairie Screamer! The 87- foot high, 50 mph roller coaster is perfect for families and adrenaline junkies alike. The dizzying speed and gravity-defying height will certainly have your heart racing this Summer!

As for the little ones, there is the scrambler, helicopters, bumper cars, and a hand-painted carousel that is very gorgeous.

Check out more details about the Adventure Rides at Prairie Playland at Traders Village Grand Prairie. 

There are also lots of games that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Games such as the Ivy Bowler, Basketball Game, Ring Toss, and more!

Find out all the details about the Games at Prairie Playland in Traders Village. 

Events and Entertainment at Traders Village in Grand Prairie

FREE live music, festivals, and family events are planned year-round – Cumbia Concert, Kids Fest, Tejano Fest, Cinco de Mayo and so much more!

Check out current and upcoming events at Traders Village.

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