family friendly activities at home

Right now, we’re all spending a lot more time together at home, and cabin fever might be setting in. Thankfully, there are plenty of fun and inexpensive things that you can do from home with the family to have fun and pass the time. There are cheap and easy activities that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Best of all, you don’t need a lot of money to do them. You can enjoy your family time without getting off budget. What’s better than that coupled with all of the memories you’re sure to make?

Here are some budget-friendly at-home activities that you can enjoy with the kids.


Star Wars Dress-Up Day: Who doesn’t want to be a Jedi, Darth Vader, or even baby Yoda? Play dress up with the kids and get into character for the day. You can even dress up your living room with lamps that cast stars onto the ceiling and other props. Once you’re all dressed up and the snacks are laid out, you can celebrate your hard work with a Star Wars marathon. If you don’t own the movies, you can find the vast majority of them available on Disney+. After a free trial, Disney+ is just $7 per month and will provide near endless entertainment for the kids.


Create a Memory Book: Get the kids some blank notebooks and let them create a scrapbook of their life (or whatever is important to them). You can let them go through family photos, school papers or awards, and other mementos that are important to them. Not only will they have a good time, they will be able to carry that book with them and add to it as they get older.


Have a Dance Party: Let your kids make a music playlist with their favorite songs (or create a theme for the playlist). From there, you can dress up, act silly, and dance the night away. Thanks to music services like Amazon Music, Apple Music, and even free services like Pandora or IHeartMusic, you’ll be able to have fun without the worry of spending too much.


Indoor Campout: Set up a camping space in your living room and be as artsy about it as you want. Grab the sleeping bags and turn on the Netflix. While you’re watching fun camping themed or outdoorsy shows you can munch on hot dogs, hamburgers, or even s’mores. You’ll have all the fun of camping without having to sleep outside.


Make-Over Day: Who couldn’t use a make-over? Get out your lotions, bath bombs, nail polish, child-friendly make-up, curling iron, and other health and beauty items, and pick a partner. Everyone gets to be made over and they get to make over their partner. You can pick the outfits, the hairstyle, and the makeup (or go natural and don’t use the makeup). After the makeovers are done make sure to end the fun event with a family photo.


Garden Day: If anyone in the family loves plants, you could have a garden day. Collect some inexpensive planters and have the kids decorate them. You could fill them with flowers that can be placed around the house or you could start a small garden project and let the kids care for whatever seeds they’ve decided to plant. You can start the plants inside and move them outdoors, when or if you need to.


Streaming and Dinner: With the rise of restaurant delivery services you don’t need to go out to enjoy your favorite food anymore. Just pick a day, order your favorite food, and pick something to watch on one of your favorite streaming services. Make sure to pop some popcorn if you’re having a marathon movie session. Another great option is to stay in your pajamas for the event. You can enjoy some good food while snuggling with the kids in your comfiest clothes. It usually doesn’t get much better than that.


Create Your Own Audio Book: Start by letting the kids create a story, or better yet, create one as a whole family. When the story is ready to go, turn on the computer and use the microphone to create your own audio book. Everyone can offer voices for the characters and you’ll have an amazing keepsake when you’re done. If you prefer print books, you could get a blank book and have someone write in the story and let the kids decorate the cover.


My Family Has Talent: Sure, everyone’s heard about America’s Got Talent, but in this version it’s all about your family! Everyone can pick their own special talent and perform it for the family. Everyone gets a chance to perform and afterward, a silent ballot process can pick the family winner. For added fun, you could throw in some inexpensive and/or meaningful prize options for the winning family member.


Create an Arcade Zone: Who doesn’t love a game day? You can take the whole game and play a variety of games. You could have a station where you play cards (Go Fish or even Poker), video games, and board games like Life, Monopoly, or Clue. While those are the most common games, Amazon and other retailers have tons of board games, so if you wanted you could choose a few and learn some new games with the family.


Create a Cookie Station: You could really do this with any baked goods. You could do cookies, brownies, or something else. Assuming you choose cookies, start with a base cookie (or cookies) and bake them up. Next comes the fun, set out some frostings, sprinkles, and assorted toppings and let the kids create their craziest cookies. You could also make insane milkshakes and other goodies this way. It’s bound to be a great time for everyone!


You don’t need to leave your house to have fun right now. You can have an inexpensive break together that’s filled with fun, laughter, and family memories right from home!