Okay. So anyone who’s ever shopped at Kohl’s knows that they are the department store of the perpetual sale. With very few exceptions, every item at Kohl’s is usually “on sale.” But they’re actually having a pretty good deal right now. There’s a coupon out there that will allow you to get an extra 15 percent off your purchase on March 20 and 21. This is on top of their usual “sale prices,” and it’s not a pseudo-coupon (meaning, a coupon that is supposed to be “exclusive,” but the cashiers have a million copies at the register and are giving it to everyone). I saw no mention of this coupon in the store. Plus, it’s good on everything – and I do mean everything. It doesn’t exclude premium brands or certain departments. This is a rare occurrence.

You can print the coupon at this link. I used it this morning and saved nearly $12 on a $70 purchase. But be sure to bring in the portion of the coupon that lists its terms and conditions. Mine printed on a second page and I tossed it. Then when I checked out, the cashier tried to tell me that I could only use the discount if I paid with a Kohl’s charge, which isn’t true. You can use any method of payment.  (I argued a little and they gave it to me, but it would have been easier just to have the fine print right there.)

If you can’t get to a Kohl’s this weekend, you can still take advantage of the discount online by using the code SAVE15PASS when you check out.