entertainment.com coupon book

Do you like to save money on your favorite restaurants, movies, shopping, visits to awesome places like the local museums, and much more? The 2020 Entertainment Coupon Book has coupons for all of that and much more. What’s even better is that it’s on sale right now! Get yours for 30% off (and free shipping) by using the promo code WINTER during checkout.


What is the Entertainment Coupon Book?

The Entertainment Coupon Book is a book with hundreds of coupons for a ton of restaurants, stores, movie theaters, museums, attractions, hotels, gyms, and much more all around the city. These coupons offer up to 50% off deals and many 2-for-1 deals at locations across the metroplex.

Utilizing these coupon books to their full potential will save you a lot of money this year.

There are two different regional versions for the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex; one for the greater Dallas area, and one for the greater Fort Worth area. That way, you’re able to get coupons in areas that are nearby to you, and you’re more likely to be able to take advantage of all of the coupons without having to venture to the other side of the metroplex.

The Entertainment Coupon Book can be purchased as either a physical book or as a digital membership. If you purchase the physical copy with the promo code WINTER, the shipping of the book will be free and the total price of the coupon book will be discounted by 30%.

The coupons in the 2020 Entertainment Coupon Book are good for the entire year; they all expire on December 31st, 2020.


How Do I Get The Entertainment Coupon Book?

To get the 2020 Entertainment Coupon Book, go to their site here, and enter in the promo code WINTER to get 30% off the price and free shipping on your order. Adding the coupon code brings the total price of the book down to only $24.50, and with the amazing coupons and deals throughout the book, you will save much more than that in no time.

The promo code is only valid until February 11th, however, so get your discounted book while you can!

Don’t miss your chance to get great deals to get savings at the places you visit every day. Go to the 2020 Entertainment Coupon Book site and use the promo code: WINTER