easter activities at home Easter is this Sunday and this year will be different than what we are all used to. Rather than spending our time together either out with family or at church, this year we will all be enjoying the holiday at home. There are plenty of Easter themed activities you can do at home to still celebrate the holiday. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend much money to do them. What’s important is spending time with your family, and saving money while you do it.

Here is a list of budget-friendly activities you can do at home with your family.

Ukrainian egg dyeing online class: Egg dyeing is one of the most traditional Easter pastimes. However, we have an online class that will take your egg dyeing to the next level. Ukrainian egg dyeing involves creating stunning art designs by using wax and layers of dye. The online class is available on Zoom. You can follow along online and you will receive a PDF afterwards with the instructions on it so you can go at your own pace. Normally the class is available for $40, but you can score the class for half off thanks to Goldstar.

Easter basket build: Besides egg dyeing, the next favorite is definitely Easter basket building. Dollar stores are the perfect place to find the fake green grass at. Spend a few bucks on a couple of bags of grass, pick up baskets, and candy.

A fun twist on the Easter basket is designing one yourself. Find buckets to decorate with construction paper and glue. Throw on some Easter stickers and you’ll have an Easter basket personalized to you. Get creative with this one. Everyone can create a basket unique to themselves.

Bake something sweet: Remember, the idea is to keep with the Easter theme. And what better place to get lost in looking for themed recipes than Pinterest? The site is a goldmine of ideas. Here two ideas to get you going

Another idea is to create your own original designs. Country Living has over 85 different designs that you can pull inspiration from. Get everyone in your family involved with the baking process. Each family member can have a job or help with creating the design.

Get in the holiday spirit with decorations: As with any holiday, decorations play a major role in getting everyone in the holiday spirit. If you have leftover construction paper and glue from your basket building, then use it to create decorations for around the house. Some glue and a pair of scissors along with markers will help with the process.

Be colorful. Easter is full of bright colors and don’t be afraid to branch out and involve Springtime themes.

Outdoor Easter games: Put aside a few eggs from the ones you might be dyeing. You’ll need them for some of your outdoor Easter games. Egg toss or egg races are classic outdoor activities that fit perfectly in with Easter. Pin the tail on the rabbit is another idea you might want to add to the fun. You might have to create the game board from scratch, but that’s part of the fun.

Easter egg hunt: Since you are limited to your home, ideally you’ll want to get creative with your hiding spots. Do not rely heavily on the outside your home, but all the clever places no one would think inside your home.

You can turn the egg hunt into a game by assigning egg colors different point values. Typically, when you buy packages of plastic eggs they come in different colors. Assign each color a different point value. Another option is to take a marker and write the point value on the egg. You can determine what the winner gets – candy, money, whatever you decide.

Binge Easter Movies: We’ve all been binge watching lately since there has not been much else we can do. Believe it or not, there are 23 Easter movies you could be watching this week leading up to Sunday. Now is the best time to curl up with your family and enjoy a movie together.

With our current situation, you can also stream church services. There are plenty of options online if you are not part of a congregation already. A simple Google search will give you plenty of services to choose from.

Easter is definitely going to be different this year considering all that is happening around the world and more specifically around the DFW. As we all adjust, take this time to appreciate the moments you have with your family and spend Easter at home. Continue to follow DFW on budget for future events and what you can do during this pandemic.