dmaThis spring, the Dallas Museum of Art will be displaying five rarely seen works by one of modern history’s most prominent painters. 

“Frida Kahlo: Five Works” will feature a handful of pieces created by Kahlo. These pieces, including four paintings and one drawing, come from a private collection by way of Galeria Arvil in Mexico City. 

The Mexican artist, well-known as both an artist and cultural figure, has received extraordinary praise and exposure posthumously. Because of this, her most famous works are widely recognizable. With that being said, this particular exhibit will be especially interesting — it will provide less common images and new stories shared. This exhibit poses a special opportunity to see into an unopened window in Kahlo’s career.

The small but powerful exhibit will showcase the following works:

  • “View of New York,” 1932
  • “Diego and Frida,” 1929-1944
  • “Sun and Life,” 1947
  • “Still Life with Parrot and Flag,” 1951
  • “Still Life,” 1951

The artist died in 1954 — she was only 47. Although she passed at a young age, Frida was wise beyond her years. These few pieces reflect an array of powerful experiences and ponderings that followed Kahlo throughout her life. The richness of her work, both aesthetically and conceptually, exists as testament to this truth. 

Appropriately, the opening of “Frida Kahlo: Five Works” will coincide with DMA’s “Art and Spirituality in Mexico and New Mexico.” which will feature gems from the museum’s Latin American collection. Both collections dive into a fascinator factor of Latin American art that goes beyond its skillful traditions. Elements of devotion, spiritual musings, and cultural context inform every facet of these powerful treasures. 

For more information on the exhibits and the Dallas Museum of Art, please visit DMA’s website.