Traders Village Grand Prairie - Prairie Playland

Spring is just around the corner for Dallas and one of the biggest attractions for 2022 is the Grand Opening of Prairie Playland at Traders Village!

Prairie Playland will feature the Prairie Screamer, a new 90 foot-high, 50 mph roller coaster. The longest drop is 80 feet long and lasts slightly under two minutes, with two trains carrying up to ten people each !!!

Grand Opening of Prairie Playland at Traders Village in Dallas

Grand Opening of the Prairie Playland will take place from 12th March to 20th March! There will be celebrations all week with live music, family fun activities!!!

Most school districts in the Dallas area have their Spring Break starting on the 7th of March. But some school districts also have their Spring Break starting on the 14th of March. Either way, you can make plans to enjoy Prairie Playland – part amusement park, part entertainment center, all PLAYLAND! 

Prairie Screamer – The new Roller Coaster at Traders Village in Dallas

Prairie Screamer at Traders Village Grand Prairie

The Prairie Screamer is set to take family enjoyment to new heights and will add to Traders Village’s thrilling recreational options.

“Providing a memorable family experience has always been top priority at Traders Village,” Chris Kenney, General Manager for Traders Village, Grand Prairie stated. “When we decided to expand our amusement district, we wanted to add a family-oriented ride that was popular for all ages – something that wasn’t too scary and had a low height requirement so everyone could enjoy! We are counting down the days until we can see families experience the Prairie Screamer over and over again when they visit our grounds.”

The rollercoaster, which was originally erected in Ontario, CA at the Scandia Amusement Park, was disassembled and moved to TX by Traders Village.  The Prairie Screamer will join the Village Vortex, Pharaoh’s Fury, Star Dancer, Freddy’s Fender Bender, classic Carousel, and many other famous rides at Traders Village.

About Traders Village, Grand Prairie

Traders Village in Grand Prairie is your 160-acre destination for Family Events, Live Music and Food Festivals throughout the year. Besides the great Shopping, there is always something fun happening at the market.

Traders Village is located on Mayfield Road in Grand Prairie, right off Highway 360. Parking is $5 per car and admission is free. All-day ride passes are $13.99, and all activities, including concerts, are free once inside!!!

Fun events are planned year-round. Cajun Fest, Cumbia Concert, Kids Fest, Tejano Fest, Cinco de Mayo and so much more! Check out current and upcoming events at Traders Village.


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