Best Salad in Dallas Fort Worth - 10 Unbe(leaf)ably Good Salad Places

Check out some of the best salad places in Dallas Fort Worth.

Best Salad in Dallas Fort Worth – 10 Unbe(leaf)ably Good Salad Places

Feeling that health kick settling in? There are a ton of salad places in Dallas Fort Worth which will cater to all such health cravings! And then there are some perks too: from toppings of crispy fried chicken to a number of cheeses and tasty dressings, salads don’t have to be dull and flat anymore.

Check out our curated list of places which serve some of the best salads in the city:

Best Salad in Dallas Fort Worth

Green, vibrant and deliciously topped, there are a number of different kinds of salads served to residents of Fort Worth. In fact, salad bars are the perfect places to hit for a healthy but filling lunch and they have plenty of options to choose from including vegan salads to vegetarian ones and even some gourmet choices. Take your pick from these 10 restaurants which serve really tasty salads in the city:

Unleavened Fresh Kitchen

Best Salad in Dallas Fort Worth - 10 Unbe(leaf)ably Good Salad Places

Head to Unleavened for some of its delicious, sumptuous salads.

There are a ton of salads to be enjoyed at this restaurant which are basically a contemporary take on some good old classics. Choose from the chicken unleavened salad which comes with a number of toppings like sprouts, celery and tomatoes or the house roasted turkey salad and the vegetarian option of the farm stand made up of Portobello, feta and zucchini.
Where: 1900 Abrams Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75214


This Italian-themed restaurant where you can sit and watch the life in Downtown go by is the perfect place to order a plateful of greens and your choice of vino. Try the shaved cauliflower salad with pistachio, raisins and lemon or the caprese with fresh stracciatella, tomato and basil.
Where: 1530 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75201

The Porch Restaurant

Best Salad in Dallas Fort Worth - 10 Unbe(leaf)ably Good Salad Places

Enjoy a good salad paired with fine wine at The Porch.

A beautiful restaurant with good food and great ambience, this is the place to head to if you enjoy a good salad. Take your pick from the classic Caesar salad or the buttermilk fried chicken cobb which is served with generous helpings of blue cheese, avocado and bacon. The Porch salad with smoked almonds and roasted garlic-balsamic vinaigrette comes highly recommended too!
Where: 2912 N. Henderson Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206

Haystack Burgers and Barley

Now, while the name of the restaurant screams burgers, try something different while you’re here and order yourself a plateful of salad, which is equally yummy. The Haystack salad which fried chicken, onions, avocado, bacon and cheddar promises to be lip smacking-ly good and the Mediterranean salad with tomatoes, basil, a side of habanero slaw is just an explosion of flavor.
Where: 6465 E Mockingbird Ln, #500, Dallas, TX 75248

Flower Child

Best Salad in Dallas Fort Worth - 10 Unbe(leaf)ably Good Salad Places

Check out Flower Child which specializes in a number of salads catering to specific dietary needs.

If you are looking for gluten-free, vegetarian or keto choices, then head to Flower Child which especially caters to those with special dietary needs. All the salads that come to you are made from fresh produce and you can also order options which are sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free without compromising on flavor, because they are all really tasty.
Where: 5450 W Lovers Ln Ste 133 Dallas, TX 75209


A number of delicious but healthy salads are to be found at Sprezza which serves some traditional Italian cuisine. The tasty chopped salad with salami, mozzarella, olives and pickled pepper is totally worth the hype as is the one with pecorino, olives, eggs, Toscano and beets. Pair it with a lovely wine for a hearty and fulfilling meal.
Where: 4010 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75219


Best Salad in Dallas Fort Worth - 10 Unbe(leaf)ably Good Salad Places

MIXT has a host of delicious salads which promise nothing but lip smacking goodness.

Pay MIXT a visit to enjoy sumptuous salad bowls that will leave you feeling light and refreshed but full. Check out the cowboy salad here which comes with grilled chicken, romaine hearts, black beans and sharp cheddar as well as the Falaf which is all about house-baked falafel crumbles, roasted cauliflower, avocado, grapes, cucumbers and a house made lemon tahini vinaigrette.
Where: 2355 Olive St Dallas, TX 75201

Mendocino Farms

This place turns simple things like salads, soups and sandwiches to wholesome, feel-good experiences. Using fresh ingredients and bold flavor combinations, the place is all about enjoying soulful food. When you’re here, try the avocado and quinoa superfood ensalada or the impossible taco salad and even the sophisticated chicken and prosciutto salad.
Where: 2000 Ross Ave Ste 160 Dallas, TX 75201

CBD Provisions

Best Salad in Dallas Fort Worth - 10 Unbe(leaf)ably Good Salad Places

Go over to CBD Provisions for some of its freshest and most tasty produce.

What this place offers is a whole lot of seasonal and therefore sometimes rotating menus with a salad option in each one. You will not be disappointed ordering a salad here so try the heirloom tomato salad with watermelon, whipped burrata and watercress or the power green salad made from kale, celery, sprouts and all things green and yummy.
Where: 1530 Main St, Dallas, TX 75201

Hillstone Restaurant

Granted this is a place known for its steaks, pork chops, ribs or even its fine dine experience, but the salads here cannot be ignored. Try the grilled chicken salad which is made of some delicious like tortilla chips and carrots and flavored with a splash of peanut sauce and honey lime vinaigrette.
Where:  8300 Preston Center Plaza Drive, Dallas, TX 75225


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