schwansSchwan’s, the company that delivers frozen food straight to your door, is offering $10 in free food to the first 500,000 new customers who sign up to their site and place an order. Many items on the Schwan’s website are under $10, so you can get something for either no charge or a very minimal charge. (Some people may pay sales tax. I got mine for a total of $0.00, but my mom, who lives in another state, will pay a whole penny.) To claim your free food, click this link. Schwan’s has not yet reached 500,000 new customers, so there’s still time to sign up. You may order anything you choose, but obviously to get the best deal you will want to order something less than $10. I got the mini Angus cheeseburgers for $9.99.

To qualify, you must not have purchased anything from Schwan’s in the past 14 weeks and you must live on a Schwan’s home delivery route.

Update (Aug. 7): I  was supposed to get my Schwan’s order on August 6 but the delivery man never showed up, despite my being home all day long. I looked on the website late last night and saw that my delivery had been rescheduled to Aug. 20, the next Schwan’s delivery day – two weeks from now! I suspect that the delivery man did not care to make his way to my house because my total was $0.00. I chatted with a customer service rep, who said he would “forward my concerns” to the local manager. I don’t have high hopes. If Schwan’s started this promotion to attract new clients and wow them with great customer service…they’re missing the mark.  My mother, who lives out of state, also placed an order under this promotion and checked the box to have Schwan’s call her within two business days to schedule a delivery time. It’s been four days and she’s heard nothing. I’d still advise taking advantage of this promotion, as some people have received their orders, but don’t count on getting your food anytime soon. I will update again if, or when, I receive my order.