Bonus Daily Deal: $1 for a Box of Kids' ClothesDealPulp, a newer daily-deal site, just came out with a nice one for today: $6 for a box of gently-worn kids’ clothes from ThredUP. ThredUP is a site that allows parents to trade kids’ clothes that are in good condition, but no longer fit their children. The average box on thredUP contains 15 clothing items and includes top brands like: GAP, Carter’s. Children’s Place, Osh Kosh and Gymboree. They also allow you to trade other things. Have old toddler toys? Need 5-year-old games? No problem. Trade what you have for what you need. If it ?ts in the thredUP box, it swaps. Plus, shipping is always free both ways!

With this deal, you’ll pay $6 for a box of clothes in the size and gender that you need. However, if you’re new to DealPulp, this deal is even more awesome. When you sign up here with DealPulp, you get $5 off your first purchase, making this deal just $1! You’re not obligated to send any clothes to receive the box, though you certainly have that option if you have things to get rid of. (Don’t we all?)

This deal is only good for 24 hours, so buy soon to get in on it.