Science of Guiness World Records

Spring Break is coming up fast in Dallas Fort Worth area. There is one fantastic activity that families can enjoy with kids in Dallas. The Perot Museum is bringing for the first time in the US – the Science of Guinness World Records Exhibition!

Have you ever wondered how the world’s smallest stop-motion film was made? Or how three Rubik’s cubes can be solved simultaneously, while juggling? Or how cups, wineglasses and even bowling balls can be put into stacks that just go higher and higher? Well, like most things, the answers to these questions are quite simply, scientific and logical.

The Perot Museum in Dallas has set up, The Science of Guinness World Records that explains the scientific principles involved in completing these and many more remarkable achievements.

There are a number of smaller exhibits within the main one set up with the aim to show what it takes to smash records, the mental and physical toll it takes and how the record breakers overcome a number of challenges along this journey.

Fun Activities For Kids

There are a bunch of fun activities too. Everything from gazing at the largest Pac-Man videogame, to the smallest chess set, to speed drumming and even shaking a leg at the dance-a-thon – it’s all there for kids and parents to enjoy together. You can try squeezing in through the smallest couples’ door or walk through the tallest man door! For children, there is an exclusive kid’s zone and the capybara or the world’s largest rodent, to crawl into.

So many of these engaging activities are arranged in such a way that you can enjoy the full experience of stepping into the lives of the Guinness record breakers and witness first-hand the challenges and adventures that are part of their record-breaking accomplishments. And what’s more, you can track your progress, and that of your kids, by creating a username on the leader board and use this digital avatar to monitor your movements throughout the exhibit.

COVID-19 precautions

The Science of Guinness World Records is supported by Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District and, in part, by the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs. To ensure the safety of the guests, the Perot Museum will maintain social distancing
protocols and open in limited capacity. Guests aged 3 and older will be required to wear masks or face covering gear.


The exhibit will run from 6 March to 6 September.


10 am to 5 pm (Thursday to Saturday)
11 am to 5 pm (Sunday)


Spring Break Hours: 4th March to 21st March

10 am to 6 pm (Monday to Saturday)
11 am to 6 pm (Sunday)


Ticket Prices:

Admission fee for Perot Museum is: $20 for adults; $13 for youth; $18 for seniors
Surcharge to visit the exhibit is as follows: $8 for adults and seniors; $6 for youth
Member tickets are $5 for all age groups


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