Adventure Academy


It’s a great day when parents can find a way to allow their children to learn new things while having fun at the same time. If you have a child between the ages of 8 and 13 years old, Adventure Academy could be one of those things. This exciting MMO allows your child to make an avatar, customize it, and create a home base. From there, they can travel the world, play with friends, and continue to learn new things. Adventure Academy is a low-cost way to supplement your child’s education. It allows them to learn while encouraging creativity. Perhaps the best thing about Adventure Academy is that you can try it all for free!

Adventure Academy Free Month Sign Up!


Adventure Academy Subjects

Adventure Academy offers lessons and activities for all of the basic school subjects. Kids 8-13 will be able to explore a virtual world that features MMO games, activities, and the chance to build your own character and home. When it comes to school subjects, here is some of what your children will have access to on Adventure Academy:

  • Language Arts (Main Idea, Spelling, Comprehension, Writing, and more)
  • Math (Multiplication, Decimals, Division, Fractions, Geometry, Word Problems, and more)
  • Science (Atoms, Ecosystems, Environment, Forces and Motion, Molecules, and more)
  • Social Studies (Geography, History, Economics, Maps, World Cultures, and more)


Try Adventure Academy for 30 Days Free!

The first month of Adventure Academy is available absolutely free. You just sign up for your free trial and you’ll be able to access the account in no time. This means you’ll have a full month, risk-free, to see what Adventure Academy has to offer and to determine whether or not it’s helping your children learn!

Get 30-days of Adventure Academy for Free!

Adventure Academy offers monthly or yearly memberships. Right now, you can save the most by choosing the Annual membership. This gives you access to Adventure Academy for a year at 49% off regular fees. This means that the yearly membership gets you over 5 months for free! No matter what membership option you choose, you can cancel whenever you want. Should you cancel during your membership, your access will continue until your membership is up and then you won’t be charged again.


How to Sign Up to Adventure Academy?

Sign up is simple. Just follow the basic directions right here and your children will be learning and having fun in no time!

  1. Visit the Adventure Academy website
  2. Sign up for the free 30-day trial
  3. Choose between the monthly or annual membership
  4. Log in on iOS, Android, computer, or Mac
  5. Create your character and start learning!

Remember, you can cancel during the trial or any time after that. So, if you feel Adventure Academy isn’t working for your kids, you can cancel to avoid future payments.

If you sign up the kids, be sure to let us know what you all think!