photo colorrun2014_zpsf48cb4c4.jpgHave you had the chance to complete the Happiest 5K on the Planet? If you haven’t, here’s your chance – for a limited time, you can get $5 off an entry to The Color Run when you use the code HAPPY5OFF at checkout. Unfortunately, this race has already moved through DFW this year, but you can catch them in the following nearby towns:

San Antonio – Sept. 5
Round Rock – Oct . 5
El Paso – Oct. 25
San Angelo – Nov. 1
Wichita Falls – Nov. 1
Brownsville – Nov. 15

Date announcements are also coming up for Corpus Christi and Odessa. This is a super fun 5K! It’s noncompetitive – more about having fun than being fast. Wear white at the starting line and end the race doused in a rainbow of colors! Then, join a fun post-race party once you’ve completed the course. But the race dates are coming up soon, so check out the registration page now and secure your spot!