vacation safely this summer

Summer vacation is something that most people look forward to. Whether you’re planning to go to the beach or Europe, being able to take a few weeks off for some fun and sun helps people to recharge. COVID-19 has put a cramp in most people’s summer plans, but it doesn’t have to. You might not be able to enjoy the plans you originally made, but as states reopen there are ways to safely enjoy a summer vacation without worrying about the safety of your family.

If you want to take a safe summer vacation this year, there are some available options. With a few creative suggestions, you’ll be ready to have some summer fun in no time.

Keep on Truckin’

Camping is a favorite activity for a lot of people. It’s also a great way to make family memories. With that in mind, consider going all out this year and camping in an RV. You don’t need to go out and buy an RV. Instead, you can visit RVShare and rent one. You can choose from travel trailers to full Class C luxury RVs. The prices are reasonable, and you’ll have the freedom to safely travel the area or the country in style.


Skip the Hotel, Rent the House

If you decided to travel out of state, you might want to rent an RV for a leisurely drive to wherever you’re going. This extends your vacation in a way that’s often overlooked as we hurry from one location to the next. Once you arrive to your vacation destination, you can ditch the hotel and opt for a vacation rental instead. These homes are often filled with amazing amenities, are reasonably priced, and are safe social distancing options because you’ll be the only one in the home.


Create a Campground Map

Camping is likely going to be one of the safest activities for a summer vacation this year. You can rent an RV, or you can pull out the camping equipment. There are even some great options for glamping across the country if you’re looking for a more lavish camping experience. Whatever option you choose find some campgrounds in different areas you’d like to visit and spend a few days at each one. This gives you plenty of different experiences and ensures that everyone has a safe and happy time.


Skip the Beach and Rent on the Lake

While many are worried about being unable to socially distance at the beach, it will be much easier to do so on a private lake. Get some family friends together and rent a lake house. If you worried that might be out of your price range, renting with friends will cut the costs in half. You can also choose a lakeside campground which will cut the costs even more. These options allow you the chance to enjoy the water without the overcrowding you’re more likely to find at the beach.


Don’t be Afraid to Staycation

If you have family that is high risk and you’re not ready to leave the comfort of your home yet, consider a staycation. Consider camping in your own backyard, taking a hike, or even experiencing virtual tours at some of the world’s most impressive locations. It might not be the vacation you were thinking of, but it will allow you to stay safe and plan for next year’s vacation.


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