Save Money on Electricity - EnerGenie

Many Texans don’t realize the number of options they have when choosing their retail electric provider. Texas is a state with deregulated electricity, which means that most Texans can choose which company they want to provide them with electricity. While choosing your provider can save you tons of money, it’s also a massive headache. 

Why you need EnerGenie – The Electricity Concierge Service in Texas

There are over fifty power companies in Texas, and they all offer dozens of electricity plans, which could mean lots of fine print and hidden fees. Sifting through all the available electricity plans for your home or business could take you hours, if not days.  Luckily, EnerGenie is here to make your life a whole lot easier. 

EnerGenie is an electricity concierge service that finds the best electric plan for your home or business based on your needs. Once they’ve found the best plan, they automatically enroll you with that retail electric provider and set up automatic payments. From start to finish, EnerGenie saves you time and money when you allow them to find and manage your electricity plan. 

Sound too good to be true? Don’t worry, because it isn’t, and here’s how it works

Save Money on Electricity in Texas – In 5 Simple Steps

  1. Go to and sign up to get started. 
  2. During the signup process, you’ll enter your zip code and answer a few simple questions about your home and electricity usage. 
  3. EnerGenie uses this information to look through hundreds of plans available to you until they find the best one. Where this process would take you hours to complete, EnerGenie can do in a matter of seconds. 
  4. Once they find the best plan for you, they automatically enroll you. EnerGenie will also set up auto payments on your behalf, based on payment information that you gave them during the signup process. 
  5. EnerGenie will continue to monitor the market, as well as your electricity usage. Once your electricity plan gets close to expiration, EnerGenie will automatically start searching for the next one and enroll you in a new plan!  


That’s all there is to it. EnerGenie takes the guesswork and legwork out of finding the best electricity plan for you, which could save you hundreds of dollars per year. They take things like hidden fees, tiered contracts, and variable rates into consideration when enrolling you into an electricity plan. While retail electric providers might be able to sneak a tricky contract past you, they don’t stand a chance against the intelligent technology of EnerGenie. 

From start to finish, EnerGenie is always working for the customer. Their only goal is to make your life easier and to save you as much money as possible. Make the switch to EnerGenie today, to start seeing your electricity wishes come true! 


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