Dallas-Fort Worth has introduced a new rideshare platform that launched recently similar to Uber, but for kids. HopSkipDrive is the new carpool service specifically designed to safely transport children exclusively. The service is billing itself, “as a safe and innovative transportation solution for both families and schools.”

According to the founders of HopSkipDrive, “Our ‘mom DNA’ laid the foundation of extensive safety measures and attention to detail. We added technology and logistics to build a robust system that enables a seamless network of thousands of attentive CareDrivers.”

Currently, HopSkipDrive is working with more than 170 schools and districts nationwide. The company offers transportation to students of all levels and abilities and even students that live outside of regular bus routes. Additionally, kids in foster care are eligible for the service.


Safety First

Safety is a major concern for any parent and so is it for HopSkipDrive.

In order to qualify as a CareDriver, candidates must be thoroughly vetted through a rigorous screening procedure which also includes fingerprinting, background checks using FBI and Department of Justice database searches, driving record checks, and in-person meetings. Also, to qualify as a driver, candidates must have at least five years of caregiving experience and pass a 15-point certification process.

Vehicles are also subjected to a vetting process. The driver must own or lease a four-door vehicle that is not more than 10 years old that can seat between four and seven passengers, and it must pass a yearly 19-point inspection.

Needless to say, the company is strict as far as safety and qualifications are concerned.


How it Works

HopSkipDrive bases its system similar to other ridesharing platforms, such as Uber and Lyft.

Parents download the app or visit the website to request a ride for children 6 and above then receive a photo of their Caredriver to show their kid and school. In addition, parents receive live texts during the car ride thanks to HopSkipDrive’s Safe Ride Support.

The company is the only one in the U.S that monitors every ride in real-time. Safe Ride Support is staffed by former 911 operators, EMTs, childcare specialists, and parents, to ensure each child is safe and delivered.

You can schedule one-time rides up to 8 hours in advance or by 7 p.m. for morning rides; you can also make last-minute changes. There’s an option for recurring rides for afterschool activities or classes too.

For more information, or to schedule a pickup visit HopSkipDrive.com.

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