Pizzerias in Dallas Fort Worth: 10 Best Pizza Places You Knead To Try

Top 10 pizzerias in Dallas Fort Worth.

Pizzerias in Dallas Fort Worth: 10 Best Pizza Places

Craving a slice of ‘za or some delicious mozzarella on sourdough flatbread? Sometimes, the best way to get a party going indoors is grabbing a slice of pizza with cold beer, or putting a comforting end to a busy day with a classic pepperoni. There are a ton of pizza places in Dallas Fort Worth meant exactly for such days. Check out our top picks for the best pizzerias in Dallas Fort Worth below!

But before you do that, take a peek at some of the different types of pizzas right from the New-York styled creatively topped crusts to your traditional Neapolitan slices popular in the city.

Types of Pizzas popular in Dallas Fort Worth

Dallas Fort Worth, much like any other Texan city is known for its BBQs, Tex-Mex and most of all, its pizzas, which can be found in a number of different restaurants dedicated to crafting the most mouthwatering pies lathered in delicious sauces and topped with tasty cheeses, meats and veggies.

Take a look below at some of the most popular pizza choices, inventions and interpretations popular in Dallas Fort Worth:

  • New York style pizza: This type of pizza is a large hand-tossed thin crust, usually ordered per slice as a quick meal on-the-go. It is generally made up of a crispy, thick crust that is soft in between so that a wide slice of pizza can be folded into a half that would fit in your mouth.
  • Detroit style pizza: If you’ve ever wondered what the rectangular type of pizza is, that’s the Detroit-style pie with a thick crust that is chewy yet crispy. The pizza is traditionally topped with delicious tomato sauce and lathered in melted brick cheese. This style of cooking pizza was developed in the mid 20th century when the crust would be baked on rectangular steel trays often found in industries and factories.
  • Neapolitan: This is your traditional Naples-style pizza where the dough is rolled into a thick pie and topped with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. Classic, original and absolutely comforting and delicious, the Neapolitan is characteristically baked in a wood-fired oven and when fully cooked, it is soft, tender and fragrant.
  • Roman: With roots in northern Italy, this pizza is classically served as a square or rectangular pie that has a base thicker than other pizza variants. Almost similar to a focaccia, it is eaten as a takeaway dish and while the pizza is its own separate kind, the difference between a Roman and the Neapolitan is very subtle and lies in the addition of a generous helping of oil to the pizza dough.
  • Chicago-style: This kind of pizza is made up of a high edge which allows ample room for large chunks of cheese and loads and loads of tomato sauce. The pie is popularly known as the stuffed pizza which is prepared in a deep-dish style and is closer to a proper pie than a flatbread topped with cheese.

Top Pizzerias in Dallas Fort Worth – 10 Best Pizza Places

Bay34th St Pizza

Check out this space which brings to you authentic New York-styled pizzas with a pizza dough made from scratch. Try the Brooklyn Stuffed pie while you’re here or the Meat Lovers. The tasty salads with the house dressing are a crowd favorite.
Where: 13605 Midway Rd Ste 170 Dallas, TX 75244

Olivella’s Pizza and Wine Shop

Pizzerias in Dallas Fort Worth: 10 Best Pizza Places You Knead To Try

Have you tried Olivella’s classic Italian pizzas yet?

Go to this restaurant if you are looking for classic southern Italian or Neapolitan and northern Italian or Roman pizzas baked in wood burning ovens and topped with in-house cheese. The pizzas are made from a recipe passed down from the third oldest pizza family in Naples. The black truffle pizza and Della Carne are highly recommended.
Where: 3406 Mcfarlin Dr Dallas, TX 75205

Mimi’s Pizzeria

Head to Mimi’s in Dallas if you want to enjoy an extensive pizza menu. There are classics of course, and then some specialty choices like the Mediterranean, topped with feta and sun-dried tomatoes or flat crust pizzas with toppings like ricotta, Canadian bacon, sausage and meatballs.
Where: 6807 W Northwest Hwy Dallas, TX 75225

Enos Pizza Tavern

Pizzerias in Dallas Fort Worth: 10 Best Pizza Places You Knead To Try

Check out the New York and Chicago-style pizzas at Enos.

Thin crusts with fresh local ingredients and toppings await you at Enos, which serves New York and Chicago-style pizzas putting its unique Dallas spin on the recipes. Grab a craft beer, your slice of pizza and sit out on the restaurant’s patio to relax and unwind.
Where: 407 N Bishop Ave Dallas, TX 75208

Zoli’s NY Pizza

This popular pizza place in the city is known for its delectable Christian Pescroni pie as well as its Detroit style pizza. You also have the option to make your own ‘za here by choosing your favorite sauces and toppings from a ton of options including bacon marmalade and jalapeño pesto.
Where: 3501 Hulen St., Fort Worth, TX 76107

Cane Rosso

Pizzerias in Dallas Fort Worth: 10 Best Pizza Places You Knead To Try

Enjoy the chewy pizzas with fresh ingredients at Cane Rosso.

Enjoy chewy, charred pizza pies at this place drowned in some of the house special habanero honey or spicy soppressata. Delicious salads, sandwiches and house made pastas are also some of the specials at this classic Italian fest.
Where: 7328 Gaston Ave Ste 100 Dallas, TX 75214

Besa’s Italian Restaurant

Check out classic New York-style pies at this Italian-American restaurant which promises tasty fresh ingredients, homemade crusts and spaghetti and Italian inspired cooking. The family-owned restaurant will give you a very homely feel and make for a great dine-out experience.
Where: 7602 N Jupiter Rd Ste 112 Garland, TX 75044

Dough Pizzeria

Pizzerias in Dallas Fort Worth: 10 Best Pizza Places You Knead To Try

Visit Dough to enjoy a slice of classic Italian ‘za.

A true southern Italian style pizza full of pulled mozzarella cheese, house-rolled dough and ground Italian sausage, this place is a real treat for pizza lovers in Dallas. One of the best pizzas in Dallas Fort Worth, try the Willowbend or the black truffle pizza paired with a great selection of wines that the restaurant offers.
Where: 5960 W Parker Rd Ste 286 Plano, TX 75093

Cavalli Pizza Napoletana

Visit this pizzeria in Dallas if you haven’t already and check out the Dallas pie topped with meatballs, pepperoni, and sausage, some arancini and the parma pizza. The restaurant has a great outdoor seating so just grab a spot and your ‘za and enjoy a refreshing evening.
Where: 6851 Virginia Pkwy McKinney, TX 75071

Pie Tap Pizza Workshop

Pizzerias in Dallas Fort Worth: 10 Best Pizza Places You Knead To Try

Check out Pie Tap Pizza Workshop for some delicious pizza pies.

This popular pizzeria in Dallas Fort Worth is known for its four ingredient crust and deliciously flavored toppings that promise lip smacking goodness. Order in or visit the restaurant for a lovely dine out experience and gorge on some pepperoni, sausage or a classic margherita.
Where: 5100 Beltline Rd Ste 796 Dallas, TX 75254


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