5 Great Pet Charities in Dallas-Fort Worth

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There is nothing more soothing than having a stressful day and coming home to your favorite four-legged friends. Dogs and cats help with a myriad of health issues, but they are also our friends. They love us and we love them in return. It’s no wonder that Americans spend billions of dollars each year in pet supplies and veterinary healthcare.

Unfortunately, during a pandemic, like the one we’re living in now, it can be hard for people struggling to care for their pets. This leads to more strays on the street and more animals abandoned in shelters. Luckily, Dallas has many great no-kill shelters in the area that exist to help as many animals as their often-limited funds will allow.

If you’re interested in sheltering, adopting, or providing funds for animals in need, these charities are a great place to start.


Dallas Pets Alive

The mission of Dallas Pets Alive is to provide the education, resources, and programs required to eliminate the unnecessary euthanizing of pets. This is an almost completely volunteer-run organization that houses pets in foster homes until they can find them families. They also focus on helping the animals most at-risk of being euthanized. As you might imagine, Dallas Pets Alive is always looking for families to adopt and foster, as well as to donate their time, money, and/or supplies. Donate here.


DFW Rescue Me

DFW Rescue Me is a volunteer organization that helps to foster rescue dogs in the Dallas area. Dogs are loved and cared for until Rescue Me can find them a permanent, safe home. Dogs are often rescued after being abused, lost, or abandoned. They receive medical care and fostering until they are adopted. To help, DFW Rescue Me is always seeking donations, as well as foster families. Donate here.


Operation Kindness

The goal of Operation Kindness is to care for any and all homeless cats and dogs in the area until they can be adopted into responsible and loving homes. This is done through fostering, adoption, and education services that advocate for humane values and caring behavior for all pets. Donate to Operation Kindness, here.


SPCA of Texas

The SPCA is an invaluable organization helping to change the lives of homeless and abused animals. In Dallas, they are one of the leading animal welfare agencies. They offer animal sheltering, resource clinics, spaying and neutering, and a variety of educational programs. Volunteers are always needed to help with and foster the animals in need. You can also donate money and supplies if you don’t have the time. Donate here.


Humane Society of North Texas

The Humane Society of North Texas is here to advocate for the animals out there that are the most vulnerable and need protection. They care for animals that were abused, abandoned, and are currently without a home. They offer animal care, fostering, adoption, microchipping, community outreach, and more. This is all done to ensure that animals have a safe loving home and do not have to live on the street. Donate here.

Did your preferred animal shelter not make our list? Let us know where you donate your time and/or money in the comments!