Ring Toss at Traders Village Grand Prairie

Prairie Playland at Traders Village in Grand Prairie, Texas is the latest addition to the amusement park scene in the Dallas area. Apart from the fantastic rides, food, & the great shopping, Traders Village also has games that can be enjoyed by the whole family. What’s more, you can compete to win some cool prizes! Read on below to find out more.

Games at Prairie Playland in Traders Village, Dallas

1| Ivy Bowler

Ivy Bowler at Prairie Playland in Dallas

Fancy your skills at landing the ball in the right place? Then you should try this one. Toss the ping pong ball into a vase to win a prize. Small prize for the Red or Blue Vase. Yellow Vase for the GRAND Prize!


2| Basketball Game

Basketball Game at Prairie Playland in Dallas

Throw the basketball. Make the shot and WIN!


3|Water Game

Water Game at Prairie Playland in Dallas

Who doesn’t like a squirt gun game where you can win prizes? Aim the squirt gun at the target. First one to the top wins a prize!


4|Ring Toss

Ring Toss at Traders Village Grand Prairie

Ring the bottle and win a prize! As simple as that (you wish!)


5|Sand Art

Sand Art at Prairie Playland in Dallas

You can make beautiful and colorful sand art in fun shaped bottles and necklaces.

Get more information about all the games, rides & more at Prairie Playland! 

About Traders Village, Grand Prairie

Traders Village in Grand Prairie is your 160-acre destination for Family Events, Live Music and Food Festivals throughout the year. Besides the great Shopping, there is always something fun happening at the market.

Traders Village is located on Mayfield Road in Grand Prairie, right off Highway 360. Parking is $5 per car and admission is free. All-day ride passes are $13.99, and all activities, including concerts, are free once inside!!!

Fun events are planned year-round. Cajun Fest, Cumbia Concert, Kids Fest, Tejano Fest, Cinco de Mayo and so much more! Check out current and upcoming events at Traders Village.


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