Prairie Playland Rides Pass

Prairie Playland: The Perfect Amusement Park – Image Credit: Traders Village

If you are looking for an amusement park destination in Dallas, look no further than the Prairie Playand at Traders Village. Prairie Playland offers the perfect mix of thrilling rides, affordable rides passes and plenty of other ways to have fun for the entire family!

Prairie Playland recently opened its doors and the Grand Opening Celebrations go on from the 12th March to 20th March 2022.


Why is Prairie Playland the Perfect Amusement Park

Reason # 1: Prairie Playland Has Exciting Rides!

Think about all the things that make for a perfect amusement park. For one, want a park that has a lot of different fun, exciting rides. The Prairie Playland has 6 thrilling rides. There are rides for kids of all ages – adventure rides and kiddie rides, perfect for teenagers and younger kids as well!

Yo Yo at Prairie Playland, Traders Village in Dallas

Yo Yo at Prairie Playland, Traders Village

There is the Prairie Screamer roller coaster with steep drop and speeds of up to 50 mph. Then there is the Yo Yo which can stretch out 73 ft in diameter. There’s also the Village Vortex that takes you in a 360º spin at a thrilling speed. The WipeOut reminds you how it feels like to ride big waves in the sea. The Pharaoh’s Fury is a ride with an Egyptian Pharaoh’s masthead and can rise to as high as five stories. Last but definitely not the least – The Fleafall drops you from a height of 128 feet, at the high-speed of 45 mph.

Get all the details about the Prairie Playland rides

Reason # 2: Prairie Playland is VERY affordable!

Amusement Park trips can get very expensive. A one day ticket for Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington can run anywhere between $30 to $50 dollars. That’s just the cost of admission. Parking at amusement parks often runs into double digits. A day trip for a family of 4 can easily run into a couple of hundred dollars.

Compare that to the Prairie Playland – all day ride wristband is just $13.99! There is no admission fee at Traders Village and parking is a mere $5!!!

Bump Carts at Traders Village

Image Credit: Traders Village Facebook Page

Reason # 3: There is something for everyone at Prairie Playland and Traders Village

Prairie Playland is a part of Traders Village in Grand Prairie. Traders Village in Grand Prairie is your 160-acre destination for Family Events, Live Music, and Food throughout the year. Besides the great shopping, there is always something fun happening at the market.

Shopping at Traders Village in Grand Prairie

Image Credit: Traders Village Facebook Page

Traders Village is located on Mayfield Road in Grand Prairie, right off Highway 360. All activities, including concerts, are free once inside!!!

Fun events are planned year-round. Cajun Fest, Cumbia Concert, Kids Fest, Tejano Fest, Cinco de Mayo and so much more! Check out current and upcoming events at Traders Village.

Cajun Festival Traders Village

Cajun Fest at Traders Village. Image Credit: Traders Village Facebook Page


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