New Non-Profit Furlough Kitchen is Working to Feed Unemployed Hospitality Workers

Photo courtesy of Furlough Kitchen

A new non-profit in Dallas is making an effort to help feed unemployed hospitality workers. As news about Covid-19 continues to evolve from day to day, one thing remains constant and that is the generosity you can find in our great city.

Furlough Kitchen is working out of Vestals Catering to prepare free meals for anyone in the hospitality industry out of a job. Those unemployed can pick up one free meal a day Monday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m.

“It’s our normal high quality food? that Vestals would provide for any high ?end corporate event or something like that?, so it’s going to be fantastic,” Front Burner Restaurants CEO ?Randy DeWitt said to CBS reporters.

Some of the other popular restaurants in the Front Burner Restaurants group includes Whiskey Cake, Sixty Vines, Ida Claire, and Legacy Hall which are all found in the DFW.

The recent dine-in ban has put a real strain on restaurants. Now, all must rely on to go orders. This ban brings in more complications because these businesses are unable to keep the same amount of staff before the ban. Dewitt went on to say, “We’re able to employ probably 12-15% of ?our staff this way and the rest of them have been furloughed. The furloughed employees inspired Furlough Kitchen.

Furlough Kitchen plans on staying committed to this endeavor for the next 90 days, but will need donations to stay active.

Other DFW native restaurants have decided to reach out to the community in need as well. The “Everybody Eats” initiative is taking place at two restaurants in Dallas. Their focus is on the entire community. The goal is to reach as many in need during these troubling times.

“No questions asked” is the motto at HERO in the South Victory neighborhood and HG SPLY CO on Greenville Avenue. Both restaurants are part of the 8020 DFW Restaurants group. Currently, the restaurants have the capacity to give 2,000 meals a day.

In three days, HERO was able to provide 900 meals alone. However, all this is possible through partnerships and donations. Free dinners are served Monday through Friday 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Even during these hard times local DFW restaurants are willing to put it all on the line to make sure our great city is fed. Continue to follow DFWOTC to keep up to date with what you can do to take your mind off your cabin fever. As news develops and life gets back to normal, we will be sure to let you know what great events will be available.