soyjoyThanks to Jen’s Super Savings for alerting us to this great deal. Through Saturday, June 27, CVS is offering its SoyJoy bars for $1 apiece. When you buy 4, you get $4 in ExtraBucks – which means that, essentially, your SoyJoy bars are free! But wait – the deal gets even better if you clip coupons. In the Smartsource coupon insert from 5/31, there is a coupon that allows you to get one SoyJoy free when you buy one. So if you bring 4 to the register and use 2 coupons, you will have spent only $2, but you will get $4 back in ExtraBucks. (Use your ExtraCare card – if you don’t have one, get one at the register before you buy.) Profit of $2! If you want to do this deal with a larger number of bars, you can buy the coupons on eBay for a reasonable price. (You can only buy 20 bars per ExtraCare card for this deal.)  However, the sale does end Sunday morning, so if you buy, make sure they’ll get here on time.

No coupons? Don’t care to order them? No problem! Just buy the 4 bars and collect your $4 ExtraBucks, then go back and purchase 4 more, paying with the ExtraBucks you just received. Then repeat 3 more times. In the end, you’ll pay 20 cents a bar, which isn’t bad.

This has proven to be a very popular offer, and you may find that there are no SoyJoys when you arrive at your CVS. (The ones at my store were there, but picked-over.) If that’s the case, walk straight to the register and ask for a raincheck. Make sure that the cashier specifies on the raincheck that you are to receive them for $1 apiece, plus receive $4 ExtraBucks for every 4 you buy. In the space where it says “limit,” make sure they write 20. It’s always disappointing to find that a great deal is out of stock, but in this case it may actually be beneficial, because it gives you time to buy the coupons on eBay! The coupons do expire 6/30/09, though, so be quick about ordering them.

As for the taste of SoyJoy bars…well, I can’t say much. But you may feel differently. At least they’re filling – and gluten-free.