cousins paintball deal

Have someone you wish you could shoot with a paintball? If only you had a paintball gun, gear, training, and somewhere you don’t mind making a mess in case you miss. Cousins Paintball Place Dallas is that place. DFWOTC readers can get a discount of 50% off admission. Grab your admission ticket, some friends, and show everyone how much of a sharpshooter you really are.

Join a public play session geared towards new and occasional players. Don’t worry if you come alone, Cousins Paintball will match you with a suitable team. You might be wondering what to expect if it’s your first time.

First off, put your fears behind you when you imagine how bad it is going to hurt. In fact, getting hit might “sting,” but more than likely you won’t know you are hit until someone else points it out. Be rest assured, you will barely feel the hit. However, you can avoid unnecessary discomfort by wearing appropriate clothing and respecting the rule to not shoot up close. Additionally, Cousins Paintball offers a new “lo-impact” version of paintball which is sweeping the nation in popularity.

The paint will wash out, however you might want to bring an extra pair of clothes for the car ride home. You should be more concerned about the dirt and grass stains you will collect as you play. As far as how old to play, 10 is the suggested youngest but ultimately it is up to parents to decide if and when their child is ready to play.

Admission includes: semi-automatic gun rental, full rental goggle/helmet system and safety orientation. Each player must purchase 500 paintballs ($29.95) upon registering for the course that day. You may not bring your own paintballs. Cousins Paintball only allows purchased paintballs from them on their course. Also, each player is also required to sign a waiver upon registration.

Tickets start at $10, but DFWOTC readers can take advantage of 50% off discount tickets offered through All it takes is a free Goldstar membership which you can sign up for using your Facebook account or email address to start taking advantage of offers on some of the best things to do in DFW on weekends or any day.

Don’t miss the opportunity to release your inner Rambo and rain paint down on your friends and foes. Cousins Paintball Place Dallas public play sessions are on Saturday and Sunday only from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m through October to the end of May.

Cousins Paintball Place Dallas is located at 8975 Farm to Market Road 740 Forney, TX 75126. For more information call 972-900-5846 or visit