I really like Vistaprint – I ordered my business cards from them, and they’re great whenever you want to do stationery, magnets, and lots of other stuff. Plus, they’re fully customizable. If you’ve never ordered from Vistaprint, now is a good time to try – they’re offering FREE address labels. They have many templates for you to choose from, or you can design your own. If you want to upload your own logo, you’ll pay a nominal fee. The only thing you have to pay out of pocket for this is shipping, which ends up being around $3.

Visit the site today and start designing your labels. Even if you don’t send many letters, the labels are great for labeling your kids’ stuff at preschool, putting in books or DVDs that you lend out, and the like.

Note: Vistaprint often offers “bonus” stuff when you check out, like a $10 rebate on your purchase if you join this or that club. Be sure to turn them down!

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