Redbox – the company that owns those nifty DVD vending machines that you see around town – is having a promotion this month for a FREE DVD rental every Wednesday. All you have to do is visit the Redbox blog at and get the promo code. It’s only good until midnight tonight, though, so hurry! You can find a list of your local Redbox machines here.

Redbox also has lots of other opportunities for free flicks. Join their SMS network  and you’ll get a code sent to your phone every Monday for a free movie. The page also links to the form to sign up for their e-mail list – if you subscribe, you’ll also get a one-time code for a free rental as a thank-you.

So, that’s at least two free movies every week! Just remember that the free rental is for one night only. You must return it to any Redbox location by 9 p.m. on the evening after you rent, or you’ll be pinged with a $1 fee for every extra day that you keep it. (Methinks that RedBox is counting on some stragglers to forget to turn their DVDs in!)

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