perseidLooking for something fun to do tonight? Late tonight? Then go outside and watch the Perseid Meteor Shower. The Perseid shower has been going on since July 17. But it peaks tonight and tomorrow, with as many as 80 meteors coursing through the sky every hour. They’re at their best between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. central time on Tuesday and before dawn on Wednesday morning.

To see them easily, it’s better if you’re far away from the lights of the city – so you suburban and rural readers are in luck. But even if you’re not in the boonies, you still may be able to see the meteors. So grab a comfy blanket and a friend (or spouse) and watch the show. It’s great entertainment, courtesy of Mother Nature. Check NASA’s link for more information.

Photo courtesy of mischiru via a Creative Commons license.