Did you know that there are certain months that are better to buy particular items than other times of the year.

With Black Friday and Holiday deals approaching towards the end of the year, you may want to hold off with purchases in October. However, there are still some great things to buy in October and some purchases to hold off until a later month.

  1. Cars: Cars are usually a great buy in October for the 2015 models since a lot of 2016 models have already arrived
  2. European Vacation: October is the start of the European off season and is a great time to book an European vacation!
  3. Pizza: It is National Pizza Month and look for pizza deals all month long, especially from National Pizza chains
  4. Select Produce: Pumpkins, cranberries, grapes, oranges, sweet potatoes, and yams are all in season and are at their lowest price points this month.

Here’s a few things to avoid in June:

  1. Large (and small) Appliances: If you canuntil Black Friday if you can for a really great deal
  2. Laptops and TV’s: Wait for Black Friday for better deals
  3. Video Games: A lot of new video games are expected to release this month which means very few deals in October
  4. Winter Clothing: New clothes typically don’t have great deals yet, wait if you can for a better deals on winter clothing

Do you have any suggestions of items that are great to buy in September? Any items to avoid buying this month?

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