Did you know that there are certain months that are better to buy particular items than other times of the year.

Here are the best and worst items to buy in June:

Here are a few things to buy in June:

  1. Tools: Tools are on sale for Father’s Day and June is a great month to buy tools, but usually the best tool deals are after Father’s Day
  2. Lingerie: June is a great month for Lingerie sales and look for Victoria’s Secret semi annual sale and more!
  3. Donuts: June 6th is National Donut Day and you can score some great donut deals!
  4. Gym Memberships: Gym Memberships are cheaper in the summer because many people take advantage of the nice weather to workout

Here’s a few things to avoid in June:

  1. Grills: Grills are in high demand and don’t make a good buy until August or September.
  2. Disney: Wait a few months if you plan to do Disney when demand is a little less.
  3. Apple Products: June is a busy month for Apple so wait a few more months to get a better deal on apple products

Do you have any suggestions of items that are great to buy in June? Any items to avoid buying this month?

Happy June!

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