What to Buy and Avoid in January

Did you know that there are certain months to buy and not buy certain items? There’s a few things you should consider buying and avoiding in the month of January.

Here are a few things to buy in January:

  1. Holiday Décor: After Christmas is a great time to get holiday décor for next year because of the great markdowns, especially in January when retailers want to get rid of their leftover inventory and make way for Valentine’s goodies.
  2. Home Furniture: January and July tend to be the best months for home furnishings because stores want to make way for new goods.  
  3. Winter Apparel: The holiday rush is over, and winter apparel and clothing has some great deals, especially since retailers need to make room for a new season shortly.
  4. Linens & Bedding: The first “White Sale” took place in January and is a great time to look for discount linens and beddings, although you may also find great deals in later months too.
  5. Video Games: A lot of video games come out in the fall just in time for the holidays and video games tend to go on sale after the holidays are over. However, February is a great month too for deals.
  6. Suits: Suits are not a popular buy in January, so if you need to buy a new suit, you may want to do so this month.
  7. Bikes: Not many people are buying bikes in the dead of winter which leads to good deals on bikes
  8. Super Bowl Party Foods: Towards the end of the month, look for great deals on chips, salsa, and a lot of great super bowl snacks!

Here are a few things to avoid in January:

  1. Mattresses: Hold off until the spring to get a great deal on a new mattress
  2. Luggage: It’s travel season and many people are looking to replace their new luggage; however, it is not a great time for deals because of this. Wait until March to buy new luggage if you can.
  3. Patio Furniture: You would think that dead winter would be a great time to purchase patio furniture, but retailers are getting new models in and won’t be discounting patio furniture until late Summer

Do you have any suggestions of items that are a great deal (or terrible deal) for January? Do you agree with this list?


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