What to Buy in February

Did you know that there are certain months to buy certain items that are better than other times of year.

Here are a few things to buy and look out for in February:

  1. Electronics: Electronics and big devices that did not sell over the holidays tend to be marked down in February, so keep your eye peels for good deals on Electronics
  2. Winter Apparel: Retailers will be gearing up for spring, and marking winter apparel on clearance (and March too) to make room for new inventory. Pair clearance items with coupons to get even better deals!
  3. Appliances & Furniture: Over Presidents Day weekend is a great time to find a lot of deals on appliances, furniture and more as new models and pieces are coming out soon.
  4. Tax Software: Not very glamorous, but tax software is cheaper earlier in tax season than later.
  5. Valentine’s Day clearance: After February 14th, look for discounts on chocolate, cards, and other items. (Tip: If you are getting married this year, I got a lot of heart-shaped wrapping paper and accessories on clearance in the past which was perfect for wedding season)

Here are a few things to avoid in February:

  1. Jewelry: Valentine’s Day brings large mark ups in Jewelry because of the high demand.
  2. Flowers: Flowers are also more expensive in February due to the Valentine’s Day, unless of course you buy later in the month
  3. Luggage: A lot of trips to warmer weather makes February a bad month to buy luggage.
  4. Eyeglasses: I have no idea why, but February is a bad month to upgrade your glasses, according to the internet

Do you have any suggestions of items that are a great deal (or terrible deal) for January? Do you agree with this list?

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