Did you know that there are certain months to buy certain items that are better than other times of year.

Some of things that you’ll want to buy the most this month will be at the highest price because everyone will have spring and warmer weather on their minds this year!

Here are a few things to buy in April:

  1. Snow blowers and more: Hopefully we won’t need any more snow equipment and retailers want to make room for new seasonal inventory so look for deals on winter equipment like snow blowers and shovels… if there’s any left at this point after this crazy winter.
  2. Sneakers: April is a great time to buy sneakers and athletic shoes because retailers will be encouraging shoppers to get outside soon
  3. Easter Items: Ham, eggs, baking supplies and more are on sale in the beginning of April and look for candy, decorations and more to be on sale after Easter.
  4. Natural and Organic Items: Look for natural and organic products on sale in April for Earth Day. This is a great time to purchase organic foods, natural cleaning supplies, reusable water bottles, and much more.
  5. Tax Freebies: The end of tax season is upon us and April 15th tends to bring freebies such a free massages, food, and more. You may even see last minute deals on tax software if you’ve waited this long.

Here’s a few things to not buy in April:

  1. Mattresses: The next big mattress sale is most likely memorial day weekend, so wait a month or two to buy a new mattress
  2. Patio Furniture and grills: If you can, wait a few months to make these purchases since demand is high for these warm weather products.
  3. Spring and summer clothes: Wait a little longer to buy warm weather clothes as people are refreshing their outfits for the nicer weather.
  4. Baby Gear: There were great prices on baby gear at the beginning of the year and you should see less discounts and deals for the month of April

What do you think of this list? Do you agree or disagree with the above?

Either way, Happy Spring! 🙂

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