Today I will not be posting any budget-friendly posts and suspended the deal posts I had previously planned; they seem very irrelevant now.

I did want to share some resources and information on how to help and how to get help. However, there are much better articles and round-up of resources here and here.

Boston’s Tech community has started a site to raise funds, and donations can be made here. Moments like this can bring the best in people, but can also bring out the worst. Please make sure you avoid scams and fake charities as they have and will surface on social media sites and more.

The Park Plaza Castle is open as a resource and information center, and counseling is available. For more information, please visit here.

Many businesses are open, but many events have been cancelled and some restaurants are still closed. It may be best to call before heading out to ensure a place is open.

Fire and Ice and Tasty Burger are opening up their kitchens to provide free meals for first responders, law enforcement and emergency personnel. Chicken and Rice will also have free food at their truck for emergency personnel.

The ICA and MFA are also free today, if you feel like you need a peace of comfort and beautiful art.

If you have any resources that you would like to share in the comments, please do so.There are a lot of amazing resources out there, and I’m sure I missed many.


Also, If you have any information or photos, please submit them as they could provide useful clues.

Many thoughts and prayers to those affected in this terrible tragedy. Much Love, Kate


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