Super Bowl Deals

I have a confession. I’m really not into the Superbowl this year. I was even thinking about ditching this post all together. Instead, I decided to do a round-up of Super Bowl Deal articles¬†and posts from much more motivated bloggers and writers than me.

Check out the articles and deals below to see if something sticks out to you. I feel like there’s a lot less big deals and offers (especially from national companies) this year than past years, but maybe I’m a little more cranky this year.

Also, make sure you get home safely if you are out somewhere this weekend. Here’s some cheap travel options in Boston & Beyond:

If you’d rather hit the slopes instead of the bar this weekend, make sure to check out discount lift ticket site Liftopia (affiliate) to find some great deals on the mountain this weekend!

How will you be celebrating the Super Bowl this year? Am I wrong; are these deals better than past years? What is your favorite deal on the list?

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