Shaws Monolopy 2014

Pssst…. Here’s the rare game pieces for the 2017 Shaw’s Monopoly game board if you are playing this year! Good luck!

Shaw’s & Star Market is once again doing the Monopoly game with $55 Million in Prizes and Money Saving Offers, including up to three $1 million dollar winners! I could take a million bucks, how about you?

Chrystie at I Love To Gossip already compiled a list of the hard to find game pieces. Keep an eye out for these pieces below because the other pieces will be a lot easier to find!

  • $5 Grocery Gift Card; 40,000 prizes available: A889
  • $10 Grocery Gift Card; 20,000 prizes available: B887
  • $15 Monopoly Board Game; 10,000 prizes available: C882
  • $25 Cash; 6,000 prizes available: D879
  • $25 Grocery Gift Card; 6,000 prizes available: E874
  • $50 Grocery Gift Card; 4,000 prizes available: F871
  • $100 Grocery Gift Card; 2,000 prizes available: G866
  • $250 Cash; 500 prizes available: H864
  • $250 Grocery Gift Card; 500 prizes available: I860
  • $500 XBOX One; 250 Prizes available: J854
  • $500 Apple iPad Air; 250 Prizes available: K849
  • $1000 Free Groceries; 150 Prizes available: L848
  • $2,500 Free Groceries; 60 Prizes available: M843
  • $5,000 ATV or Camping Package; 40 Prizes available: N839
  • $10,000 Family Vacation; 24 Prizes available: P832, P835
  • $25,000 Backyard Makeover; 20 Prizes available: R828, R829
  • $40,000 Motorcycle or Boat; 12 Prizes available: S823, S825
  • $40,000 Vehicle of your choice; 12 Prizes available: T821, T820 (more rare)
  • 100,000 Cash; 8 prizes available: V812, V816 (more rare)
  • 500,000 Dream Home; 3 Prizes available: W807, W809
  • 1,000,000 Cash; 3 Prizes available: X803, X805

*This list is intended to give you an idea of what may be the rare pieces. If you do have a rare piece please do your own due diligence in figuring out the value, if any.  This list is based on what I and others currently have, and there may be some discrepancies. For the larger prizes it looks like there may be two rare pieces with one being much more rare*

What is your favorite prize on the list (besides the 1 million bucks)?? Do you have any of these pieces? I’m sure you’ll have no problem trading with someone if you do 😉

Good Luck!

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