The Big Apple Circus is at City Hall Plaza in Boston from March 26, 2013 to May 12, 2013. I have only been to the circus once (ever) and that was at least ten years ago. Although I have not bought tickets in quite awhile, I have rounded up many different ways to save on tickets:

Promo Codes

The Big Apple Circus website has a spot on the right hand side of the ticket page for a promo code. There are a few codes that may work; however, certain codes may only work for certain shows and seats. (For instance, a promo code may not work at ringside, but may work for a different seat at the same performance).

I played around with a few promo codes and found success with promo codes: RADIO, VALUE, BOSTON. Apparently promo codes DMS, BBOX, BBOX12 and EBSTB also work, but I didn’t have any luck finding discount tickets with them.


The good thing about the Big Apple Circus ticket website is that you can enter all the codes at the same time, and will show what works, and what is the lowest rate available (as you can see from my screen above). However, keep in mind that these rates do not include any taxes and service charges.

Third-Party Sellers

Third-party ticket sellers like Goldstar Boston offer discount tickets. Tickets on Goldstar range from $28-$37 per ticket with a $5-$6 service fee per ticket.

Also, offer discount tickets starting at $22 + fees, which might be another good option.

Update as of 4/29/13: Looks like TravelZoo also has discount tickets still available for $15 too. 

Other Ways

Since I am a savings rookie when it comes to buying tickets to the Circus, does anyone have any suggestions that I may have missed? Has anyone seen any discount coupons anywhere?



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