Money Saving Tips

Did you know that Target is paying $4 million for overcharging customers at the register? Basically, Target hasn’t been removing promotional signs from previous sales and then charging customers a higher rate than the shelf tag. You can find more information and watch a video here if you are interested about the Target lawsuit.

It’s so important to pay attention at the register if you can an/or to check your receipt when you get home to make sure you are not overcharged. Although Target has been specifically called out on overcharging, many stores do overcharge customers whether it is intentional or not.

If you can, try to keep a running tally in your head so you have a rough idea what to expect at the cash register. I know it’s a lot easier when you have few items and no coupons, but it’s always a good idea to have an idea of the bill beforehand.

I know I was charged $4 once for ONE apple because the cashier did not use the weight scale correctly and I caught it beforehand and asked her to weigh the apple again.

There’s a lot of different instances where you can be overcharged at the store whether it was on purpose or not.

How close do you pay attention to your register and your receipt when you shop? Have you been overcharged at Target and elsewhere before?



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