Money Saving Tips

*Every Monday throughout 2014 I will be sharing Money Savings Tips to help stick to and expand your budget!

A great way to save money at the store is with coupons; however, my money saving tip today is the opposite. Don’t always use coupons.

I think sometimes when we have coupons for certain products, we want to buy that product instead of an item that may be a better buy. Also, sometimes it makes sense to hold on to a great coupon until a sale.

For example, I was walking by a young couple in the grocery store with Yoplait yogurt coupons from the newspaper. I think the coupon was $1 off when you buy 10. However, Yoplait wasn’t on sale that week and I think it is usually .79 regular price. However, the store brand is always .50 with another brand of yogurt on sale that week too. However, they missed the fact that their were better deals to be had that week because they were blindsided by the coupon.

Sometimes it makes sense to use coupons on items, but sometimes coupons can hold you back from finding the best deal in store.

Do you always use coupons when you shop?

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