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*Every Monday throughout 2014 I will be sharing Money Savings Tips to help stick to and expand your budget!

I was browsing a lengthy post with a hundred or so simple ways to save money, and I read a tip that made me laugh: Avoid ATM Fees. When I was younger I would occasionally get charged ATM fees when I was out and about with a group of friends and quickly needed cash.

I’m not sure if I’m older or wiser or I just use my debit card a lot more, but I haven’t paid for ATM or unnecessary fees in a few years. Take advantage of stores that offer cash back and plan ahead when you may need cash. ATM fees are definitely something you don’t want to pay extra on and can add up quick.

Also, go through your expenses and see if there are any other unnecessary fees and charges you may occur. ATM fees, checking fees, and more are common and unnecessary extra expenses.

When was the last time you paid an ATM or banking fee? How much is an ATM fee anyway?

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