Massachusetts National Parks

Who doesn’t love to be in the presence of fresh air? A pleasant stroll in a park or hiking through a national park is a peaceful way of connecting with nature. Are you a nature lover or someone who is looking to let out your quarantine frustration safely? Then, try one of the many open and safe national parks in the Bay State.

Be it social, financial, personal loss, or mental issues, we are all impacted by this pandemic. The outbreak leaves us with no way to release steam and take care of our mental health. But don’t worry. Outdoorsy has released a detailed list of COVID safe national park vacation spots across all 50 states. 

The National Park System (NPS) manages the parks covered in the report. The NPS helps national parks operate safely throughout this pandemic. So much so that the parks received many visitors during the midst of the pandemic. 

Boston, Massachusetts, experiences a high number of visits to national parks. Massachusetts national parks attract around 10,003,220 visitors every year. So, why not help improve the state’s park revenue while experiencing serendipity and nature?  

Most parks in the state are fully open. Some of the highest-rated parks include Boston National Historical Park in Faneuil Hall and the wide-spanning Cape Cod National Seashore. With a mix of historical and breathtaking landmarks, Massachusetts offers something for everyone. 

Visit Massachusetts National Parks

Are you trying to come up with a safe and fun vacation plan? Do national parks excite you?  Then why not spend your free time exploring nature. There are so many fantastic and popular state park options to choose from. Become one with nature with a trip to a Massachusetts national park. The rewards are endless. 

We all know international travel isn’t very reliable at this time. If you are looking to have fun and explore new places, why risk flying out of the country? Instead, explore your backyard. Find the best national park for you and take a road trip for self-fulfillment in 2021.

Looking for other activities to take part in? Check out the Museum of Science’s Virtual Programs for adults. 

Massachusetts National Parks Rank 9th Best In Country
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