With Memorial Day coming up fast (hint hint, this weekend!) beaches in Massachusetts are beginning to open back up, with the official date of May 25th. However, rules and restrictions will be in place.

Currently, beaches are only open for short activity and parking lots have been closed in an attempt to limit the number of visitors. However, during yesterday’s address to the state by Governor Baker, beaches will be able to open beginning on May 25th.

While reopening the beaches is certainly a positive move, there will be many regulations put in place for your visit. Below is what we know from Governor Baker’s four-phased approach:

  • As it has been the past month, you will need six feet of distance from others. Visitors also need to maintain 12 feet of distance between towel areas.
  • Groups of 10 or more people in a group are still prohibited.
  • Face masks are still needed in public places where you can not social distance. That said, masks do not have to be worn when swimming.
  • No organized games permitted at the beach
  • No water fountains/stations or indoor changing rooms will be open
  • Beach entrances will be monitored for capacity

In addition to beaches, outdoor adventure activities like zip-lines, ski-area summer spots and mountain biking will be opened on Monday. For more information on what we know about Phase 1, check out our article here.