Update as of March/2016: This LivingSocial daily deal has expired, but you can find discount duck tour tickets through LivingSocial and more for the 2016 duck tour season!

The Boston Duck Tours started yesterday for the season… Can you feel spring beneath all this new snow?!

LivingSocial has a deal on Boston Duck Tours to remind us that spring is in the air! Grab Boston Duck Tour tickets for just $24 per person (Daily Deal Expired) with the opportunity to buy up to 5 tickets. Duck Tour tickets are typically $37, so a savings of 35%, according to the daily deal sites. (Tickets are actually $33.99, but are subject to a $2 charge when you purchase online, and then a 5% Convention Center surchage, which equals $37 when you buy online).

Please make sure you read the terms before buying this daily deal, as these discount tickets are not available on Saturdays, and are only available for depature at the Museum of Science. Promotional value expires on November 30, 2013.

The deal of LivingSocial is available for 13 days. AmazonLocal is actually offering the same exact deal, but gives a smaller window for purchase at 5 days left. (However, good to know if you prefer a daily deal site over another, or have credit somewhere).

If you are unsure if this daily deal is for you, check out the Boston on Budget’s Always Cheap Fun page where it shows all the discount ticket offers, including the Boston Duck Tours that you can always receive.

Also, Last year Goldstar Boston always had discount Boston Duck Tour tickets for sale, but I’m not sure if they will again this season; haven’t seen anything yet. Update: Back on the market! Woo!

Welcome back, Boston Duck Tours!

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