The Cost of Living in Boston

How much does it cost to raise a family in the suburbs vs. the city? and teamed up to compare the costs of daycare and housing. To no surprise, Boston made the list of one of the most expensive cities to live in.

It is also $8,000+ more expensive to live in the city than it is to live in a suburb of Boston. Keep in mind, the cost of education wasn’t calculated into the mix, just the cost of daycare for two young children in a household.

The study found the cost of daycare in Boston to be $27,507 compared to $27,078 in the suburbs. However, the cost of housing in Boston was $32,130 compared to $24,483 in the suburbs. Families living in the suburbs also had 300 more square feet than those families living in the city.

There were some cities that made the list that were cheaper to live in than the suburbs of the city itself, including Boston’s neighbor, Providence.

For the complete study, please head here.

What do you think of this data; do you agree with it? Does your family fall into this range for expenses?

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