Goldstar Comp Train TicketsDiscount ticket site Goldstar has rolled out their comp train for complimentary tickets to many attractions, shows and events in Boston and more!

While tickets are free, you do need to pay a service fee per ticket and the fees usually range from $3-8, depending on the event so please keep that in mind. However, it is free to sign up and browse Goldstar Boston!

The Comp Train usually just lasts a day (sometimes two) and the best free events usually sell out quick so make sure to check out Goldstar Boston soon.

There are free tickets to various Boston Harbor Cruises, comedy shows, the Boston Breakers, and much more!

To check out Goldstar Boston’s Comp Train, please head here and hit the comp train button on the top to see only the comp train tickets.

You can also head to the half off ticket page on Boston on Budget to see all free Goldstar tickets if you’d rather.

*I am an affiliate partner of Goldstar Boston, please read my disclosure policy here if you have any questions.

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