7-Eleven App

Do you need a free coffee this week?! If you download the 7-Eleven App, you can enjoy a free medium coffee from 7-Eleven. You also need to register for an account on the app with your e-mail and some information as well.

You can find the free coffee offer on the green $ tab on top, and it will be the first offer. The free coffee mobile coupon expires on 2/28/13, and please don’t hit “redeem offer” until you are in the store, as it will expire within 15 minutes.

Or if you want to do a lot less work, just head to 7-Eleven on Wednesdays to grab any size coffee for a $1. To find your nearest location, please click here.


EDIT: Even better, Starbucks if offering a free tall coffee until 11am (2/11/13) at Massachusetts Starbucks! (And other New England Starbucks are participating too!)


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