Faneuil Hall Food Deals

Boston’s Faneuil Hall Marketplace has some great food deals this winter with a current promotion: Half Off at the Hall! Select Quincy Market food vendors and restaurants have certain items for half off menu prices for February and March 2014.

There is a huge range of half-off options from burgers, fish and chips, coffee, pad thai, bagels, clam chowder, burritos, apple pie and much more! This is a great way to save on lunch, dinner, or a quick snack for yourself or a large group with different tastes. No coupon is needed for this great deal either.

For more information or to check out participating vendors and food items, please head here.

*Note: I stopped into Faneuil Hall and didn’t notice any vendors directly advertising this promotion, so you may want to figure out what you want to order beforehand and ask the individual vendor if they are participating before you purchase.

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