WALLESSNESS, featured left and I’m for You (User Friendly), right.

Looking for some new sights to take in during your social-distanced safe walk? The Seaport has debuted their new Design Seaport program, provided by the Boston community.

For the first time ever, Boston’s Seaport district is debuting a new public art program, Design Seaport. The program is formatted as a competition that invites local designers to showcase their work throughout the neighborhood, for all to view.

Since 2017, the Seaport has worked with local and international artists, showcasing eleven installations over the years. However, this past year has been the first for the competition, with a theme of “finding light in darkness” – perfect for the past year. The two winning submissions were hand-selected by the jury and created by local design teams, Supernormal and Teltta. 

The installations, I’m for You (User Friendly) by Supernormal can be found at One Seaport Courtyard while WALLESSNESS  by Teltta is located on Seaport Common.

The piece I’m for You (User Friendly) is actually designed to be most engaging and visible during the darkest nights, so be sure to check it out in the evening hours. WALLESSNESS on the other hand is actually created so that flash photography from mobile phones illuminates the threads in the piece, so snap a photo of it for the best experience.


These two new installations were put up at the end of 2020 and are on display now through February 28th, 2021. Visiting these installations, then enjoying a coffee, or lunch by the harbor is a perfect way to spend a weekend day.

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