On Vacation

I am on vacation and I’m going to disconnect from social media, e-mails, and current deals. I may miss a few hot deals to be posted; please forgive me. I really need to get away from my computer, ya know.

However, Boston on Budget is not going on vacation, just me. I have pre-written and scheduled blog posts and tweets while I am away. However, it will be a little less than normal. I may jump on here and there to update or add a few things (maybe vacations deals because that’s my state of mind) but it really depends on how tasty (and expensive) the Margaritas are.

Most posts are not time sensitive and will highlight fun events coming up this summer in the city, but a few will be about upcoming events this week as well. Please do your due diligence and check out the event website or give a call to see if the event or promotion is still happening since the posts were written a few days out. But definitely still visit Boston on Budget as you normally would since their will be updated content– you may not even miss me. I’ll be back in a few days! Hope you have a great Father’s Day weekend!


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