Comedy Central will be taping the 3rd season of The Half Hour in Boston from Tuesday, March 25th to Friday, March 28th. You can part of the live audience for this comedy central taping… for free!

In order to receive free comedy tickets, you must request tickets through The Black List. Once you request your tickets, you should receive an e-mail back in a few days with more information. (*I received a confirmation almost instantly, but haven’t heard if I received the tickets yet). Update: It took one week, but I received confirmation that I got them!

You must be 21+ and must live in Greater Boston Area to qualify. There also should be other terms (i.e. can’t wear clothing with logos, white shirts, etc.) but if you qualify, you will learn more in an e-mail response back before you accept the tickets.

Also, if you do RSVP to go, make sure you do show up and on time because you may not be able to get free tickets in the future. I’m not sure if The Black List works that way, but usually these types of companies want to make sure they are giving tickets to people that will use them.

If you have any questions or would like to request tickets, please head here. Good luck and have fun if you get to go!


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